Ready for the best version of yourself?


De-stress yourself and learn mindfulness practice at its finest.


Meet new like-minded people who share the same interests and passion.


Discover your weaknesses, strengths, and what you’re capable of doing.

Segmented and professionally curated mindfulness workshops for each age group

Be part of this growing innovative platform and meet like-minded people who are learning the best practices of mindfulness. With a well-curated workshop segmented for each age group, attendees will learn the essentials skills on how to cope up with stressful circumstances in every area of their lives. Anxiety, depression, and stress are inevitable, but you’ll come out of the workshops, renewed, equipped, and ready.

mindfulness for children workshops london

Mindfulness for Children: Ages 7-11

A mindful approach for the young minds to improve cognitive focus and self-awareness to help them in different stages of their lives.

mindfulness for teens workshops london

Mindfulness for Teens: Ages 12-17

Training the young minds to handle stress, anxieties, and depression with ease by using simple tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register for a workshop?

There’s an ATTEND button for each workshop page on this website. Once you click that, it will direct you to our official Eventbrite page for that particular mindfulness workshop. You may also register directly there. If you wish to register but would like to pay via bank transfer, you may visit our reservation page and fill up the form.

What are the payment methods for your workshop?

We accept credit card/debit card and bank transfer. You may visit our reservation page if you wish to pay via bank transfer. We will send an invoice for the bank transfer.

Do you offer group workshops for companies?

Yes, we do. We can organise a bespoke programme that is suitable for your company’s needs and goals. Mindful Presence offers a professionally curated programme for corporate clients to make sure that attendees can get the most out of it for each workshop.

How many hours does a typical workshop last?

Our mindfulness workshop typically starts at 10:00 until 16:30. We end our workshops with interactive and fun activities for everyone to heighten their experience of mindfulness by focusing on using the five senses. We always save the best for last!