Mindfulness and Art Workshop

Ever wonder why you lose track of time and your environment when fully immersed in a creative project or initiative? Because creativity is triggered by a different part of your brain – the right side – where it’s also associated with intuition, visualising, emotions, daydreaming and among others.

Most of the time, the left side of the brain, which is related to rational thinking – rules, goals, planning, structure, data – is functional in day to day tasks. But through mindfulness practices, you can tap the creative right brain using art. Joining the mindfulness and art workshop in our London mindfulness centre will help you find your creative space. Just be you, without expectations and judgment, and just enjoying every moment. To slow down. To pause. To breathe. And especially, have fun!

Researchers found that the study participants who were assigned to the mindfulness-based art therapy course had actual brain changes linked with stress, reward and emotions. Specifically, they experienced more cerebral blood flow in the left insula, amygdala and hippocampus regions of the brain.

Huffington Post

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What's in it for you?

Unleash your creativity through art therapy and mindfulness. This is a nourishing day to express your emotions and find your creative space.

  • Train how to regulate and direct, at will, your attention
  • Less anxiety, stress and say good bye to low self-esteem
  • Improve resilience and increase your self-awareness and compassion through art
  • Trigger the right-brain for creativity and productivity
  • Increase awareness of the content of your mind

What Mindfulness and Art workshop attendees said...

The workshop exceeded my expectations. I was able to release some difficult emotions that I had been going through for quite some time and felt a huge relief. I will definitely be attending more workshops.

– Charlotte De Souza