Mindfulness At Work Workshop

Today’s economic climate demands employees to do more with less, working longer hours with increasingly heavy workloads. You spend an enormous amount of time rushing from one task to another, thinking that you are working more efficiently, but in reality, as far as the brain is concerned, you are working against the grain.
Learning mindfulness techniques enable you to step back and consider alternative perspectives and rather than reacting to events by using the least intelligent area of your brain to make decisions. Over time you will learn mindfulness for stress management and develop your inner resources that will help you navigate through difficult, trying and stressful situations with more ease, comfort and grace. Join us in our meditation centre London and learn more about mindfulness at work.

Toxic emotions disrupt the workplace, and mindfulness increases awareness of these destructive patterns, helping you recognize them before they run rampant. It’s a way of re-programming your mind to think in healthier, less stressful ways.

Drew Hansen

Forbes Contributor

mindfulness at work mindfule centre london


What's in it for you?

Google, Goldman Sachs, NHS, Intel, Deutsche Bank and Proctor & Gamble swear by mindfulness. Why? Because it works!

  • Build self-confidence and increase focus at work
  • Lower emotional exhaustion and gain higher job satisfaction.
  • Higher level of health and happiness in all areas of life
  • Enhance employee well-being, teamwork, and productivity
  • Increased resilience and facilitate cognitive focus
  • Lower risk of anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses

What Mindfulness At Work workshop attendees said...

It was excellent and totally worth it, great value for money, and we learned techniques to practice every day at work. Definitely, we will now be able to cope better with stress. I feel so much more focused at work giving me better clarity on what objectives I need to tackle first. I am also calmer at work now. This workshop came just at the right time for me.

– Sebastian from Silva Ltd.