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Hi! My name is Maria and I am a certified Mindfulness Practitioner and Trainer.

Several years ago, I joined a very well known mental health charity as a volunteer helping unemployed young people to get back to work.  Almost all had some form of mental health problem – anxiety, depression, substance use disorder to very low levels of self esteem.

As a mother with 2 grown up children myself,  it was during this time that I felt “pulled” to work with children and young people.  Having seen and heard first hand how destructive mental illnesses can be, I felt compelled to empower our next generation and the idea of Mindful Presence was born!

Mindful Presence programmes offer to children and teens techniques to manage emotions and behaviour. Research has shown that with mindfulness, children and young people become more focused, more able to approach situations  from a fresh perspective, pay more attention and make wiser choices.

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